What they say…

  • Over the course of three days in November 2009, this album happened. It marks … the debut recording of a daughter-father duo whose dedication and determination to make music on their own terms – music for music’s sake – shines through.
  • Gorgeous, egoless singing and subtle tuneful musicianship. This is something to prize from many angles.
  • From the first draw of the bow on the cello to the last sweet harmony, it is delightfully engaging. Fabulously written and wonderfully performed songs – specific yet simple vocabulary, alluring alliteration, lovely melodies and gracious harmonies. The cello as bass is soothing and vivid at once. I cannot take it out of my CD player. I cannot bear the thought of being without for even one drive.
  • Alrich, singing and playing guitar and mandolin provides the solid core, Harman’s gorgeous cello swirls while Shaidri, what can I say that adequately conveys the beauty of her leads and harmonies? She glows in the dark.

  • My favorite songs on the CD, by a lot, are If I Don’t Get You and title cut Carry Me Home — both written by Hank Alrich. And — far from being a ‘front-loaded’ CD — Carry Me Home is the last song! There are so many good ones they could afford to put one of the best at the end. The pickin’s are THICK here!
  • I needed the space of the instrumental medley that followed to find a handkerchief and clean up.
  • Carry Me Home, indeed. I believe the brain is only able to think it knows, and that true knowing and oneness can only occur in the heart. Mine knows that I heard beautiful, tremendously meaningful music for the past half hour or so. The songs themselves are undeniable. The sound of father and daughter’s voices together here is as rich as any vocal pairing I’ve heard. The mix is exquisite.
  • The clarity of these recordings is remarkable. The high resolution will be ear candy for any audiophile.


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